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50-70% WSQ Grants available to SG/PR. Plus, Use SkillsFuture Credits. Full Course Fees Before Grant is S$695. Terms & Conditions Apply.

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Training Schedule​


24-26 Apr 2024


11, 18, 25 May 2024


29-31 May 2024


24-26 June 2024


13, 20, 27 July 2024

This training is available for Companies to have a Corporate Run, and we can conduct it for their entire team at their location or ours.

Why us

  1. Beginner to Intermediate level course
  2. Exercise project files
  3. Dedicated Laptop for use
  4. Several sample images
  5. Very practical and hands-on
  6. Suitable for non coders
  7. Suitable for non designers equally
  8. Detailed step-by-step training guide
  9. Government Funding: WSQ, SFEC, SkillsFuture, UTAP & Absentee Payroll.
  10. We have experienced & Certified Trainers
  11. Upon completion, you can have an SOA Certificate from SSG

Course Objectives for Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro in

Introduction to Photoshop – How to use the Basic Tools of Photoshop For Any Image Editing Work

Learn to Transform any image

Working with powerful Layers styles to make magical effects

Learn how to use Photoshop layers

Use options in brush palette to create amazing images.

Learn how to remove background
Learn to Control Brightness & Contrast

Course Outline

Module 1

Understanding Imaging Concepts

  • What Are Digital Images made of?
  • Various Graphic Formats For Saving Images
  • Color Concepts – Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma
  • Choosing Between Raster & Vector Images – When to use which format
Module 2

Image Capturing Tools & Methods

  • Capturing Images from Cameras & Ways to Import
  • Grabbing Images from Any Screen
  • Importing with TWAIN
Module 3

Using the Photoshop Application

  • Understanding the Adobe Photoshop Interface
  • Image Creation with Presets, Width, Height, Resolution, Colour Modes
  • Customizing Settings & Preferences in Adobe Photoshop
  • Enhancing Productivity With Short Cuts
Module 4

Working with Images within Photoshop

  • Selection Techniques with Marquee, Lasso, Quick Selection Tool, Magic Wand, Color
  • Image Manipulations, Feathering, Inversing, Anti-Aliasing, Cropping, Resizing
  • Layers, Layer Styles, Blending Modes,
  • Creating Animated GIFs,
  • Text Editing, Styles, Warp, Formatting of Text in Creative Ways
  • Effects and Filters to Enhance Images Dramatically
Module 5

Drawing and Painting

  • Drawing Tools, Brushes, Effects to Add Impact to Photos
  • Painting Tools, Options to Create Paint Effects
Module 6

Prepare Outputs For Web or Print Media

  • Setup for Preview, Output to Print or Web
  • Saving for Web
  • Printing For Hi or Lo Resolution Imagery

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